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Spot the difference. (Technology moves on)

Published on July 30, 2008 By Steve Chippy Paine

One year ago (see this post for details of the 2007 Solar UMPC tour kit,) I was using the setup below for my mobile blogging and tracking. This year, its a lot simpler. And a lot more powerful. Notice how the phone, GPS tracker and Camera have merged into one device. Yes, the N82 is […]

Unpacking the gadget bag!

Published on September 3, 2007 By Steve Chippy Paine

We (that’s me, VIA and a PR company) had tried to plan a crossing-the-line press meeting today but as it turns out, everyone is at IFA and no-one was available. It was a little disappointing but seeing as it was raining, I’m not bitter! I took the chance to jump on a train home and start the […]