Quick Test: Anker 14W solar panel and Windows Tablet

I had the chance to test the Anker 14W solar panel this morning. This $49.99 panel caught my eye at CeBIT recently and not only because of the price and mobility. The two USB ports make it incredibly simple to load power packs and phones and now that micro USB charging is available on many Baytrail-T windows tablets (and the new Surface 3) you can charge your PC.

I plugged a Dell Venue 10 Pro into the Anker panel and had nothing else to do. The charging rate was slow though and I suspect that like many other tablets it would just about hold its charge while using it. There’s also the security issue to think of (how long are you prepared to leave a tablet unattended) and the safety issue too. I wouldn’t like to leave this setup in direct sunlight for long. I know what happens when things overheat! This makes a nice home solution though and I’m tempted to buy one having seen it working so easily.

More information here.


Anker Solar Panel and Dell Venue 10 Pro
Anker Solar Panel and Dell Venue 10 Pro

Slow charging means lost energy so although this is a quick and easy solution and it might work in some situations it’s still nothing close to Intel’s Alternative Power Architecture based around Intel’s Diamond Creek regulator.



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  1. Solar charging while mobile on foot/bike is still an issue regarding time/theft. However, when you are using a car/ship it is very doable. A solar panel outside a tent is an option. But charging a device while on foot remains a big issue.

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