Why am I doing the Solar UMPC Tour?

Although you might find some value in what I’m posting on this blog, what you might not realise is that a lot of the posts are there for me! I’m a ‘list’ man you see, and I need to write everything down to get some order, detail and priority in my life that lasts for more than an hour. Call it bad memory if you like but I like my lists and I like writing things down. Doing it publicly like this also has the advantage that my mother can watch it and 1) Tell me not to be so stupid and 2) Correct my spilling!

So here’s the first one. Its the one that seeds all the other lovely lists that I’ll be writ….hey….pay attention at the back. You might learn something!

The main aims of the tour are:

  • Have fun
  • Demonstrate that UMPCs allow you to be productive while mobile.
  • Demonstrate that UMPCs are very low power devices.
  • Demonstrate that Internet access is available wherever you want to be.
  • Get a little fitter.
  • Learn about solar energy and how it applies to ultra efficient computers both now and in the future.
  • Get contact with others working in this area of tech.
  • Promote UMPCPortal.com and my sponsors.
  • Have fun

You’ll notice I’ve got ‘sponsors’ listed there too. I’ve been very lucky with them to be honest. I assessed some companies, made a decision and sent an email to the two chosen companies. One is VIA who I chose because they currently have some of the most efficient UMPCs available and are well known for energy efficient computing. VIA will be my main sponsor. The other company I contacted was Solar Select in the UK.  In fact I contacted them some months back and we had a good chat about the technology and the possibilities. Solar Select will be my energy adviser and supplier of solar equipment for the tour. Many thanks in advance to both sponsors for helping me out on this project.

Next up on the blog will be….you guessed it…..another list. It will be my ToDo list.

4 thoughts on “Why am I doing the Solar UMPC Tour?

  1. Hi Steve,
    There might be something wrong with your RSS feed. In my outlook 2007 all Solar UMPC blogs hava a timestamp of sunday december 31, 23:00. The UMPCPortal (and all my other feeds) feed is OK.

  2. Thanks Jan.

    I’ll look into it although I think its a standard blogger RSS feed.
    (re-fed by feedburner)


  3. still no luck. When I look at your feed’s xml page everything seems fine. But when I (re)subscribe outlook still shows the same timestamp on all posts. Maybe I should ditch outlook as feedreader.

    Jan Peter

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