Berta the Blue Bakers Bike

Distance since last post: 15km
Weather: Clouds thinning
Notes: I don’t have much faith in the lead-acid battery. The Li-Ion battery seems to be charging much more reliably.

Another day completed and I feel like I’m getting into a better rhythm. Checking emails and RSS on the mobile phone and creating rich journal updates with the Q1b. I only wish I had a  mind recorder because I’m thinking of some great ideas while I cycle but forgetting them when I get to a point where I could write them down!

The bike, which I’ve decided to call Berta (the Blue Bakers Bike) is performing fantastically well. I was a bit worried about having no gears but the fixed gear ratio is perfect for around 22km/h which, with 65KG of pack on a 25KG bike is just perfect. The thick tyres help to soak up bumps and now that I’ve pumped up the pressure a bit more, seem to roll without too much resistance. I even clocked 34kn/h on a straight today . Wohoo! Berta is Berta

Tomorrow morning I will cross the Rhein on a ferry over to Bingen, a lovely town that I’ve visited before, and then continue up the left side of the Rhein. The hills meet the rive here and so there could be an issue with mid-afternoon sun dipping behind the hills. If that’s a problem I’ll switch sides again but I can see from my map that the route on the other side takes me up into the hills. Not good!

Time for some sleep now. I had yet another good meal and feel like I’ve capped a good day!

2 thoughts on “Berta the Blue Bakers Bike

  1. Looks like you are making good headway. When do you estimate your last leg – Köln to Düsseldorf.. myself and Steve C may join you..


  2. There are probably voice recording devices you could clip on your collar or handle bars, do your mind recording with, and recall later at night when your writing your stories. :)

    The new Sansa Clip comes to mind.

    I use my mp3 when out walking for the task.

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