We need more dylithium crystals captain.

Location: Sürth
Distance since last post:15km
Weather: warm but cloudy and wet.
Notes: Always wear tight underwear when cycling!

A business issue this morning cost me 25% of my battery power and with the current weather situation, cloudy and wet, that could cost me dearly. There was a brief bright period at around noon where i slammed on the breaks and stopped to put out the panel but it was short, lived. The mobile phone needs a top-up and the GPS too. It’s fair to say that this has not been the best week for solar energy but despite that, it’s been possible to get a few hours of umpc work done every day. The bad weather has also made me think long and hard about how the process can be improved. I have some notes that i am going to try to type up tonight but that, of course, depends on my battery!

One thought on “We need more dylithium crystals captain.

  1. Chippy,

    Keep on moving!
    You will make it.
    I guess it is hard to cycle so close by home but still having quite a bit to go.


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