Route plan: 500km from Strasbourg to Duesseldorf.

I’ve finally decided on the start and end points of the tour and I’m 90% sure that its going to cover 500km from Strasbourg to Duesseldorf along the Rhein. The route will take me through Karlsruhe and Mannheim, Mainz, Koblenz, Bonn, Koeln (Cologne) and will end on the Rheinufer (Rhein promenade) in Duesseldorf with a very large beer although I do reserve the right to spend more time working and therefore less time on the bike! If big news breaks, the main aim will be to work and test out the UMPC ‘office’ to its limits.

The planned start date is within the 3-day window 9th to 12th June and the end date will be between the 19th and 21st June.

I’ve been checking maps and comparing them to the ‘netzabdeckung’ (coverage map) from Vodafone Germany. Apart from a few GSM-only areas (which I guess will at least get me GPRS coverage) on the first stages of the tour, most of the route is well covered with 3G services. I really can’t imagine having any connectivity problems on the way. If there’s no signal I’ll just pick up my office and cycle to the next cafe!

Detailed dates will really depend on the weather which will start to come in range within the next few days. The current 14-day forecast via RTL Wetter (paid service) is looking good with a big change coming in the middle of next week. It might make sense to go as early as possible and that means I need to be ready! I’ve still got lots of items on the todo list although I heard to day that the tent and solar panel have been dispatched.  

3 thoughts on “Route plan: 500km from Strasbourg to Duesseldorf.

  1. Hi Bernd.

    I haven’t actually started yet. The plan has been put back due to weather and PR requirements!

    I’ll be posting my progress every day on the blog so if you see me in the area, say hello and bring a cold beer!


  2. Hi Steve,
    are you happy with your Q1 ?
    What do you think about the HTC Shift coming this year ?

    I’ll keep an eye out for blue bikes.


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