Solar UMPC Tour weather update.

The  latest weather report is still bad. No chance of leaving in the next 10 days unless the weather report is wildly wrong.

Its unbelievable! We  had the hottest, driest  April ever and since then the clouds and rain just won’t go away and summer storms are threatening almost every day. Looking at the sun graph for the last three days I doubt I could have got get even a few hours of computing time out of it.

It gives me more time to set up more tests and products of course, but I’m really keen to get going ASAP, especially as I have a holiday booked with my wife on the 19th July. The last possible leaving date for the tour would be 8th July. After that point I won’t be able to fit it in and will have to wait until 28th July.  This is really frustrating. I’ve been planning this since late 2006.

On the upside, I tested out the bike with full baggage tonight. It was just a 10km round-tour in Bonn but it was a good test. I’m hoping to squeeze in one nights camping this week so that I can test all the equipment out together.

I’ve also heard that there’s a possibility to get a Reware Juice Bag. That makes me happy!