First UMPC camp. Day 0.

I made it down to Karlsruhe in Germany after a quite stressful train journey with the bike and all the kit and after a short journey that turned out to be a 2.5hours trek to the campsite. I just managed to get the tent up before it got dark and I had to dive straight into the tent though because there are thousands of hungry mosquitos here.

After spending an hour trying to organise my kit inside my one-man tent (I gave up) I finally settled down with the local radio playing on the mobile phone and the Q1b lit by my USB led lamp. How nice!

The campsite here is terrible. It’s right next to a factory and full of drunk people. In front of me is someone trying to┬áplay the bongos and to the right of me is a family having an argument.┬áMmmm. I hope it gets better than this!

Tomorrow will be the first test of the Solar kit. Will it work? Will I be sitting in my tent tomorrow evening surfing the net and writing journal entries or will I be playing cards?

3 thoughts on “First UMPC camp. Day 0.

  1. hey steve,
    glad you made it down there at least, despite the dodgy campsite. Any scouse accents there ? ;-)

    Well have to go back outside and catch up on the bbq…


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