Solar UMPC Picnic

 I took a long lunch break today for a solar UMPC picnic!

The Q1b was really difficult to see in the sunlight (as are all UMPCs) there but after a while, my eyes actually adjusted a bit and it was useable. The only problem is that you have to wind up the backlight which kills the battery life. I will have to be working in the shade on the tour.

Speaking of which, I’m still planning it. I mentioned before that the weather has been bad but its starting to look better now. I have to wait for my daughters 1st day of school on the 7th August and then I’m free to choose when to go.

One other thng to mention…A cool Solar Lamp that Kornel, one of the UMPCPortal team, sent me from his holiday. It works! Thanks Kornel. I’ll be taking it with me.


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2 thoughts on “Solar UMPC Picnic

  1. I’m glad to see someone enjoying nice weather. I’m teaching at camp still for another week. Hopefully then i can get out in this weather a bit.

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