One thought on “Is someone copying me?

  1. Haha. I found your blog while trying to use solar for my own bike trip. Alas, I didn’t take any photos of my own solar panel, but it was much smaller anyway. I used the older version of the soldius, the one branded by vodaphone. It’s cheap and was ok at charging my cell and especially my GPS dongle.

    I went from The Hague to Copenhagen. There was not any sun for the second half of the trip, but I discovered that charging things overnight in campground bathrooms was actually adequate, even for an nokia n800.

    Next time, I want a small, collapsible wind turbine. Solar is all good, but there was almost never a shortage of wind.

    I really like your solar panel, though and I think I’ll get one like it. Also, I totally see the value now of charging a battery and then charging devices from the battery. I completely drained my n800 one day by biking along a path with intermittent trees and shade. Start charging mode. Oops, no light, turn it off. No, start again. No off. And the battery just drains without getting the chance to add anything because of the software layer.

    Anyway, your blog is cool. Also, it was really great to stumble across it right as I was thinking about doing the same thing.

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