Solar UMPCs on the Appalachian trail.

It’s nice to see that someone else is as tech mad as me! Scott, currently residing in Cubicle 13, has decided to get out of the rat race for 18 months and he’s taking a UMPC and Solar panel with him.

18 Months! 6 months of that will be on the Appalachian trail!

Scott is taking the ac-inverter route with his solar solution so it will be interesting to see how he gets on. He doesn’t set off for another 78 days so there’s time to get the kit in order!

His first tech task was to buy the Raon Digital Everun that he’s planning to use and get it protected in some way. He’s currently testing out a modified OtterBox.


I’ve promised to help out with the testing. I’m just about to go outside and plug my Raon Digital Everun directly into a solar panel as a test. Luckly I have a spare power board for it so if I get any of that magic smoke, I should still be OK!

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