E.Quinox Solar Project needs Your Support


Its been a few months since I’ve posted anything to the solar pc blog but having just watched a BBC World program about e.Quinox and their energy kiosks I felt it was time.
The program is available on YouTube and worth a watch. What struck me was that the two most talked about advantages of the energy kiosks were for providing light and mobile phone charging! I bet that low-cost, low power mobile computing will come into scope soon too.

From the e.quinox website:

The ‘Energy Kiosk’ is a solar charging station, where the local population can charge their batteries for a small fee. At home they can use the energy for lighting, phone charging and to power a radio.

Ill be taking a closer look at this to find out more about their technical solution to see if I can apply it to my own work. I do my solar projects for fun but these guys are doing it for the perfect reason – to improve peoples lives. If this blog raises just a little bit of awareness it will make my project more worthwhile.

So why do they need your help? It’s because there entered the World Challenge. If you vote for them and they win, they get money to develop the project further. You can vote for them here.

They are also on Twitter