A Solar-Powered PC for 2011?

While I’m in the mood, freshly inspired by the e.quinox project, I want to write about a few more super-efficient ‘PCs’ that I’ve been using recently. Both are based on ARM CPUs and show they way for 2011. Later in this article I’ll talk a bit more about technologies to watch out for.

45,000 Solar Panels going out with OLPCs

One of the 45,000 solar panels that are currently being distributed Originally uploaded by Christoph Derndorfer Awesome. Christoph Derndorfer (@random_musings on Twitter, http://christoph-d.blogspot.com/) is out in Lima with the OLPC project and he’s just posted this image on Flickr. 45,000 of these panels are currently being distributed. I’m hoping Christoph has the time to post […]